Courageous Class of 2022

Each year, the Museum of the Courageous honors courageous Americans who have taken a stand against hate.

Members of the Courageous Class 2022 changed the face of civil rights in America, shattered the silence surrounding hate, pushed for equality, and led multi-year campaigns against racial terror.

All have shifted our country toward justice.

Zach Banner

Shattered the silence that surrounds antisemitism.

Kym Worthy & Kim Trent

Achieved justice for neglected victims of sexual assault.

Jennifer Keelan-Chaffins

Compelled Congress to protect the civil rights of those with disabilities.

Helen Zia

Sparked a national movement to confront anti-Asian hate.

Joseph Eichler

Proved integration was morally right and economically sound.

Dallas Morning News

Battled racial terror and lawlessness in their hometown.