About Us


We amplify the stories of courageous Americans who have taken a stand against hate.

Our Story

Launched in 2019, The Museum of the Courageous (MOTC) is building the largest collection of stories about individuals standing up to hate.  MOTC was born to lift up courageous acts that exemplify the American ideals of justice and equality and inspire others to take a stand.

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Founding Trustees

David Neil

Founding Trustee and Board Chair

David Neil has launched and scaled multiple social and environmental ventures. He is also a principal at one of the largest real estate companies in New York City.

Everard Findlay

Founding Trustee

Everard Findlay blends branding and social innovation to empower CEOs, heads of state, and thought leaders to invest in a future that benefits citizens, the environment, and society as a whole while building profitability and growth.

Laura Neil

Founding Trustee

With expertise in communications, public relations, and corporate partnerships, Laura Neil has dedicated her career to strengthening mission delivery at nonprofit and philanthropic organizations.

Molly Findlay

Founding Trustee

Molly Findlay lends her 20+ years of experience as a renowned sculptor, set-designer community activist to catalyze the courageous movement and design museum user experience.

Jen Laird White


A storyteller at heart, Jen advises MOTC from a 30-year career as a documentary filmmaker, journalist, news producer, and public servant. After serving three terms as Mayor of her town, Jen is now at the forefront of America’s emerging, smart-grid revolution. 

Our Partners

The impact we have is only possible because of our partners. They provide crucial resources and others offer their talent and expertise.

Laura & David Neil
Wendy & Doug Kreeger
Sylvia Neil
Pernilla Andren Avital

Molly & Everard Findlay
Carter McClelland
David Rotenberg
Joshua Winter

Wendy Biddle
Aaron Dawson
Christy Kingham
John Mansey Hill